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Syuhitu the Text editor


�@ Title File Size MD5
Ver18 Syuhitu User's guide(English) UG_18_EN.pdf 200KB UG_18_EN.pdf.md5
Syuhitu User's guide(Japanese) UG_18_JP.pdf 381KB UG_18_JP.pdf.md5
Plugin Development Guide(Japanese) DG_18_JP.pdf 326KB DG_18_JP.pdf.md5
Ver19 Syuhitu User's guide(English) UG_19_EN.pdf 219KB UG_19_EN.pdf.md5
Syuhitu User's guide(Japanese) UG_19_JP.pdf 459KB UG_19_JP.pdf.md5
Plugin Development Guide(Japanese) DG_19_JP.pdf 339KB DG_19_JP.pdf.md5
Ver20 Syuhitu User's guide(English) UG_20_EN.pdf 212KB UG_20_EN.pdf.md5
Syuhitu User's guide(Japanese) UG_20_JP.pdf 463KB UG_20_JP.pdf.md5
Plugin Development Guide(Japanese) DG_20_JP.pdf 412KB DG_20_JP.pdf.md5

Wall Paper

The syuhitu wall paper. You can use any way, any purpose.

Size Type File File size
800 x 480 Windows Bitmap Wall 800x480.bmp 1.1MB
1024 x 768 Windows Bitmap Wall 1024x768.bmp 2.25MB
1280 x 1024 Windows Bitmap Wall 1280x1024.bmp 3.75MB