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Compilation method

Compilation method

In this page, it explains the method of compiling Syuhitu by Sun Studio 11.


Get the Syuhitu source code (syuhitu_src_19.tar.bz2) on the following page.


Unzip the compressed file with following command.

$ bunzip2 syuhitu_src_19.tar.bz2
$ tar -xf syuhitu_src_19.tar

"syuhitu" directory will be created and all of the source code are stored in that directory.

"syuhitu" directory is structured as follows.

Directory Description
Client Source code of Syuhitu client.
Doc Documents ( pdf and StarSuite files )
Icon Icons of CDE
KeywordList Keyword list files. It is used by syntax highlightment.
Plugin Source code files of plugins
Server Source code files of the Syuhitu server.
conf Source code files of the the configuration file I/O library.
conv Source code files of the encode translation tool.
lib Source code files of libraries.
pdlgen Source code files of PostScript generator.
pkg The directory used to creating distribution package.
resource Resource files.
syuhitu Source code files of the Syuhitu editor.


Change directory to "syuhitu" and run dmake command.

$ cd syuhitu
$ dmake TaEdit64

You should use dmake command that is included in Sun Studio 11. If you use others, the compilation will be failure.

You can specify following target in your build.

Target Description
TaEdit_dbg 32bit debug (default)
TaEdit 32bit release
TaEdit64_dbg 64bit debug
TaEdit64 64bitrelease
clean delete the created files.


If you build with release targer, the distribution package will be created in pkg/output directory. Install the package by pkgadd command.

# cd pkg/output
# pkgadd -d .

In pkg/output directory, there are some of *.md5 files. If you think this  files are unnecessary, you can delete this. NBKTtaed and syuhitu are working directory. You can also delete this directory.

Structures of install directory

Syuhitu is installed in "/opt/NBKTtaaed" directory.

That directory is structured as follows.

Directory / File Description
KeywordList Keyword list file that used by syntax highlightment.
doc Documents
icon Icons of CDE
plugin Runnable binary of plugins and plugin configuration files.
resource Resource files and string tables files.
TaEdit Runnnable binary of the Syuhitu editor.
TaEditClient Runnable binary of the Syuhitu client.
TaEditConv Runnable binary of the encode translation tool.
TaEditSvr Runnable binary of the Syuhitu server.
TaEditPdlgen Runnable binary of the PostScript generator.
syuhitu Syuhitu startup script.
syuhitu_cdeconf CDE configuration script
syuhitu_cdeunconf CDE de-configuration script

Environment variables

Following environment variables affect Syuhitu. Almost variables are set in start up script.

Environment variables Description
DISPLAY Specify the X server and display.
HOME The path name of user's home directory.
LANG Specify the locale and language.
SYUHITU_COMMUNITY The path of working directory that used by syuhitu.
SYUHITU_CLIENT The path of the Syuhitu client runnable binary.
SYUHITU_TAEDIT The path of the Syuhitu editor runnable binary.
SYUHITU_SERVER The path of the Syuhitu server runnable binary.
SYUHITU_CONV The path of the encode translation tool.
SYUHITU_PDLGEN The path of the PostScript generator runnable binary.
SYUHITU_LPR The path name of the lpr command.
ICONV_ALIAS_FILE The path names of files that describe the alias of encode name. You can specify two or more files by separating with comma.
SYUHITU_STRINGTABLE_PATH The path of the string table file. That files are stored in "resource" directory.
LD_LIBRARY_PATH The search path of libraries. In syuhitu, it adds the path of "plugin" and "/usr/dt/lib/sparcv9".
XFILESEARCHPATH The search path of the resource files.

Install to an arbitrary directory

If you don't know the root pass word, or you can't use pkgadd command by the other reason, you can install the Syuhitu following method with normal user.

  1. Create the directory structure that described in Structures of install directory.
  2. In startup script, change "INSTALL_PATH" variable value to installation path that is set in line 10.
  3. Change following resource values according to installation path.
    Resource value Description
    TaEdit.CPP_KeywordList According to each language, specify the path of the keyword list file.
    TaEdit.pluginConfigFileName Specify the path of the plugin configuration file.

When you build syuhitu for release, the runnable binaries and configuration files are collected in "pkg/output/opt/NBKTtaed" directory. So, you can copy this directory and set avobe-memtioned configurations to install Syuhitu.