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License agreement

This editor is distributed in this license agreement.

Syuhitu license agreement (JPN)

English Version is this.

License areement

Kou is a software that is applied this license agreement.

Otu is a software that is developed based on Kou and that is applied a license agreement different from this license agreement.

Hei are developer that develop Kou based on Kou.

Tei are developer that develop Otu based on Kou.

2.No guarantee
Hei doesn't do any guarantee to Kou, and not assume any responsibility.

When Kou was used, was reproduced, distributed, and changed, the user agreed according to all regulations of the license agreement of Kou.

The user can use, reproduce, change, and distribute Kou.

Hei should follow the following condition when changing to Kou, and reproducing and distributing it.
  *Specify the thing of being changed.
  *Specify the obtaining whereabouts destination of Kou before it changes.
  *pecify the person who changes.
  *Bundle and distribute the copy of this license agreement.

Tei can apply an arbitrary permission contract as long as it meets the following requirement for Otu.
  *Specify making based on Kou.
  *Guarantee for Hei not to assume any responsibility not to do any guarantee.
  *Specify the person who changes.
  *Specify that the license agreement applied to Otu is what Tei originally applied.
  *Do not obligate opening the source code to the public when you permit the modification of Otu.

This english version is not formal. It is being offered only as a reference.